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We have over 30 years of proven track record in the industry. We have industry recognition and a client base that supports us. Visit us.

Who are we

Deforpunch is a family business founded more than 30 years ago. In its early years, Deforpunch was known as UTILAIR, a company dedicated to the development of automations. Over the years, UTILAIR became Deforpunch focusing its activity on serial production, based on the plastic shaping of metal sheets, using the most advanced technology of the time.


We combine our vast experience with the proper resources to develop mechanical projects and deliver their manufacture in small medium and large serial production.


The entrepreneurial spirit, the personalised customer service and the product quality are the pivotal factors in the survival and evolution of our business in the mechanical industry sector.

Our main characteristic

Our company is widely renowned in the sector for its dedication and professionalism. Our growing prestige is based on the absence of problems in the assembly process of the final product using components Deforpunch produce. It is at this stage that the quality and value of the services we offer are most appreciated by our customers. This quality is what separates us from our competitors.


After thirty years in the mechanical industry, we have never received a complaint regarding the precision or quality of our manufactured products. Hence, when we add the personalised customer service to this quality, we can guarantee that when you try our services you will keep us on your supplier portfolio.


Come to visit us.

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Cornellá de Llobregat

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