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Design, development, production and finishing, are services that meet us. We have staff and resources to ensure a quality product. Visit us.


We offer our services mainly to the industry, covering a large variety of sectors, such as the professional electronics, electro medicine, telecommunications, audio engineering, marine, lighting, decorative elements…


The important thing is that no matter what sector we work for, we offer a personalised customer service, adapting to our customer needs.
Apart from manufacturing the products, if the costumer wishes, we take care of finishing the product, frequently collaborating with professionals in different finishing techniques such as:


  • Electrolytic baths.
  • Painting.
  • Serigraphs.

Technical office

Deforpunch offers a technical office ideal to the design of new projects for our customers or modification of existing projects, even if the initial design has not been by us.


Additionally, our services include the development and manufacturing of prototypes, prior to the serial manufacturing of the final product.


In this way we can offer a ‘one-stop’ service where-by our clients can have all aspects of their product attended to from the most elementary design stage right through to manufacturing and finishing.

Our work method

For those already having a complete design, it is as simple as sending us the technical plans for the parts that need to be manufactured and requesting a quote.


Automatically we return the quotation as soon as possible, and should it be accepted the order is processed and the manufacturing is started.

For modifications or the development of new projects, an introductory meeting with the customer to ascertain his needs will be followed by the necessary meetings in order to present the first sketches to the customer. If they are satisfactory, the drawing of new plans and the manufacture process commence.

We offer a direct contact, quotation, design, manufacture and realisation of your project.


Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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